Health Services

Parent/Guardians be advised that no medication may be transported to school by a student. Medication must be checked in to the school clinic by an adult and a Medication Consent Form must be completed. Regarding prescription medication-a Medication Consent Form and a Physician Authorization Form/written statement must be brought in by a parent or faxed from the physician to the school clinic before the medication can be administered. Please call your child's school nurse for further details on this procedure.

Please remember to keep your child's health information up to date. Contact the school nurse if your child has a medical condition that warrants a Health Care Plan which may include, but is not limited to Food Allergy, Insect Allergy, Asthma, Diabetes, or Seizure Disorder. The school would also need doctor's orders and parent consent for any prescription medication(s), parent consent for any over-the-counter medication(s), and any supplies needed for your child's care. All forms needed may be obtained in the school clinic or via download on this page.

Important Information

Health Services Team

Cathy Vaden, RN
Powhatan High School Head-Nurse
phone: 804-598-7145 | fax: 804-598-0298

Michelle Short, RN
Powhatan Middle 
phone: 804-362-2500 fax: 804-598-2645

Ashley Sloan, RN
Powhatan Elementary 
phone: 804-598-1302 fax: 804-598-1484 

 Arla Thompson, RN
Pocahontas Elementary 
phone: 804-598-7326 fax: 804-598-6320 

Jen Lawson, RN
Flat Rock Elementary 
phone: 804-598-8540 fax: 804-598-8235

Vickie Maxey - Clinic Assistant

Tammy Willis - Clinic Assistant

Rebecca Smartschan - Clinic Assistant