Key Performance Indicators

Powhatan County Public Schools Key Performance Indicators for the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan

GOAL 1: Personalized Learning

Percentage of Students on Grade Level for Reading Literacy based on PALS, BAS Notes: PALS (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening) - a state-provided screening tool; BAS (Benchmark Assessment System) - division-provided assessment tool
Kindergarten 92, 82 93, 81        
Grade 1 81, 77 76, 77        
Grade 2  89, 86 73, 87        
Grade 3  93, 87 88, 87        
Total  88, 83 82, 83        
Percentage of Students Passing the Mathematics Standards of Learning (SOL) Assessment   
Grade 3  78 81        
Percentage of Students Graduating Source: Four Year On-Time Graduation Rate   
 On-Time Graduation Rate 93.9 93.4        
 Advanced Diploma 55.6 56.6        
Positive Responses About Instructional Practices Source: VDOE Working Conditions and Climate Surveys. Based on the average (agree and strongly agree) of the student and teacher survey responses for the five (5) survey questions about Instructional Practices. The teacher survey also included an option for somewhat agree, reflected in the percent in parentheses. Ranges - Secondary Student (57:91) Elementary Student (71:94) Teacher(52:78)
Secondary Students N/A 73.4        
Elementary Students  N/A 83.8        
Teachers  N/A 66.6 (94.6)        
Students Involved in Internship & Cooperative Work Experience   
High School Students 5 44        
Percentage of Students Enrolled in Coursework for Career Awareness Exploration & Work      
AP Coursework (HS) 25.9 28.2         % of students enrolled in at least one AP course (HS)
CTE enrollment (MS/HS) 2480  2343         % of students enrolled in at least one CTE course (MS)
CTE credentialing (HS) 491 TBD         % of students earning at least one CTE credential (HS)
Dual enrollment (HS) 5.4 12.6         % of students enrolled in at least one honors course
Kindergarten Readiness Source: Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program (VKRP)
Notes: The VKRP, implemented in 19-20, is a measure that focuses on mathematics, social skills, and self-regulation.
VKRP Index  N/A N/A 85      
Percentage of Graduating Seniors with Post-Secondary Plans Source: Annual senior survey     
2-year College/Trade 38 36        
4-year College/Trade 43 43        
Military  3  3        
Work 15 18        
Percentage of Students completion of academic career plan by grade 8 (Majority Clarity)   
Grade 8            
Achievement Gap in Reading

Calculation: The difference between All Students' performance and Reporting Group performance year over year. For 17-18, the entry is the (calculated achievement gap from 17-18) - (calculated achievement gap from 16-17). A positive entry indicates a reduction in the achievement gap year over year.

All Students 84 82        
Black 3 1        
Hispanic -4 no change        
Two or more Races -2 no change        
Students with Disabilities 2 2        
Economically Disadvantaged 3 -2        
Achievement Gap in Math
All Students  77 83        
Black no change -2        
Hispanic -2 no change        
Two or more Races -4 -4        
Students with Disabilities no change 2        
Economically Disadvantaged 1 no change        
SAT Scores    
Reading 572 570        
Math 535 528        

GOAL 2: Leveraging Talent

Regional Ranking of PCPS Salary Scale for Teachers by Years of Experience (13 Divisions) Source: PCPS 18-19 salary study presented to School Board. 
Notes: Ranking of teacher salary out of a total of 13 public school divisions. The divisions included in the ranking are Amelia, Buckingham, Chesterfield, Cumberland, Fluvanna, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, Louisa, Powhatan, Prince Edward, Prince George, Richmond City. Note: Information for each school division was obtained from either their school division website or by contacting the division directly.
0 Years 7 7        
5 Years 9 8        
10 Years 9 8        
15 Years 9 8        
20 Years 8 6        
25 Years 8 7        
30 Years 8 5        
Regional Ranking of PCPS Health Benefits Package for All Employees by Plan Type

Note: A comprehensive benefits study will be completed during the 2019-2020 School Year. Source: Report compiled by The Local Choice from neighboring school divisions websites or by contacting the division directly.
Ranking: Ranking of the cost of insurance plans out of a total of 7 public school divisions. This ranking is only based on insurance premium cost and the amount of the deductible.

Monthly Premium/Employee Only N/A N/A        
Monthly Premium/Family N/A N/A        
Deductible for Employee Only N/A N/A        
Deductible for Family N/A N/A        
Percentage of Teachers Receiving an Overall Summative Rating of Proficient or Exemplary Numerator: The count of teachers receiving an overall summative rating of proficient or exemplary for the reporting year. Denominator: The count of teachers evaluated.
3-year cycle of evaluations 98 98        
Number of Staff with National Board Certification  
Licensed Staff 4 4        
Number of Staff Designated as Trained Clinical Faculty through VCU  
Licensed Staff 0 0        
Number of Instructional, Administrative, & Certified Staff with Graduate Degrees Note: Data are based on headcount and not FTEs for allocated positions.
Employees 206 194        
Number of Teachers who Report Leaving to a Surrounding School Division Source: Resignation Letters, Leave data
Other Div./Total Resignations 8/30 3/23        
Number of Teachers Hired with Experience from Other School Divisions Source: New Hire Applications Numerator: Number of teachers who are hired with experience in other school divisions. Denominator: All new hire teachers.
Other Division/Total New Hires 24/27 15/31 16/26      
Percentage of New Hires by Sourcing Method (job fair, referral, website, etc.)   
District Website 60 49        
Employee Referral 25 30        
Internet Search 4 3        
No Response 13 19        
Percentage of Teachers Reporting High Level of Job Satisfaction Source: VDOE Working Conditions Survey question, "Overall, my school is a good place to work and learn." Calculation: % of teachers responding somewhat agree, agree, or strongly agree.  
Teachers N/A 92        
Percentage of Teachers Reporting Differentiated and On-going Professional Development Source: Virginia Department of Education Working Conditions Survey  
Scaled 1-6  N/A 3.9        

GOAL 3: Investing in Community

Number of Community Members Accessing the Parent Resource Center Source: PRC State report 2018, 2019
Community Members 800 862       ;
Number of PTO Members

Source: PTO Boards. 
Note: Not all schools track membership.

Division-wide 540 640        
Number of Advisory Committee Members Source: Approved School Board Advisory Members; does not include school board members or staff liaisons.
Members 43 53        
Number of Businesses Participating in Job Fair (PHS) Source: PHS School Counseling Department
Businesses 33 29        
Number of Mentors, Lunch Buddies/DOGS Source: Student Support Services
Volunteers 171 260        
Number of participating partners and volunteers Note: Pending Ident-a-kid reporting
Visitors N/A N/A        
Percentage of Families Expressing Satisfaction with Events, Programs, and Resources Provided for Parents to Support Students Note: Parent Survey in development
Survey Results N/A N/A        

GOAL 4: Culture and Well Being

Percentage of Students Attending School at a Rate >90% Source: VDOE School Quality Profile. Note: Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10 percent or more of the school year, regardless of the reason.
Division-wide 93.8 94.0        
Students Reporting Positive Student Safety

Source: VDOE Climate Survey (Table 8, Item a) Concerns about Safety: feeling safe while at the school

Grades 6-12 (Scaled 1-6) N/A 3.2        
Grades 4-5 (Scaled 1-6) N/A 3.2        
Students Reporting Positive Peer Relationships Source: VDOE Climate Survey (Table 4, Item a) Relationships Among Students: students care about, respect, and support their peers. (Grades 6-12)
Grades 6-12 (Scaled 1-6) N/A 2.9        
Grades 4-5 (Scaled 1-6) N/A 3.2        
Students Reporting Positive Student/Adult Relationships Source: VDOE Climate Survey (Table 4, Item b) Adult Respect for Students: students feel adults at school care about, respect, and support them.
Grades 6-12 (Scaled 1-6) N/A 3.0        
Grades 4-5 (Scaled 1-6) N/A 3.4        
Number of Students Participating in School Counseling Small Groups  
Division-wide N/A 384        
Students Reporting Positive Cultural Competency Source: VDOE Climate survey (Table 4, Item e) Cultural and Linguistic Competence: students and adults are respectful of and responsive to a diverse student body.
Grades 6-12 (Scaled 1-6) N/A 3        
Number of Parents Accessing State and Local Supports Source: Number of parents accessing the transition coordinator and parent resource center. Pending: Data from Special Education Parent survey from VDOE (Fall).
Division-wide 800 862        
Percentage of Students Consistently Meeting School-wide Expectations Source: Percent of students who have not received 0-1 discipline referrals.
Division-wide 92.9 89.8