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The STEM Academy at Pocahontas Elementary School


The Pocahontas Elementary STEM Academy is dedicated to creating a hands-on, inquiry-based learning environment which offers the opportunity to design and create solutions for problems throughout the curriculum.  Students will work together to become self-confident problem solvers and decision-makers to help prepare them for today’s rapidly changing world.


How is the STEM Academy different from a traditional classroom?

 Science, technology, engineering and math are important subjects for all children growing up in today’s world.  The students will still learn the same standards as other children in the same grades; however, they will be taught in a way that allows as many opportunities as possible to create solutions to problems.  Engineering principles will be infused into all the subject areas to help prepare them for life-long learning in today’s world. Pre-assessment and flexible grouping will be used in order to meet students’ needs within the project-based learning environment.  Students will take more ownership in their learning as they work to solve problems both together, and individually. 

Our classrooms more closely resemble an interesting attic than a traditional classroom.  There are no desks, only tables, chairs and a sundry of well-worn furniture.  Every nook and cranny is filled with pets, plants, materials for potential projects, and of course, our students' current creations.  We have several animals, which our children feed and maintain. Our pets also help with our study of life processes and scientific investigation.

Is this a program for gifted children?

No. Students of all abilities are welcome.

What is the admission process?

Anyone with a student registered at Pocahontas Elementary School may request to be placed in a STEM Academy classroom. Due to the limited space within this program, admission is determined by lottery.

Can children who attend other elementary schools in Powhatan attend the STEM Academy?

Not at this time.

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