Best Value Schools STEM Scholarships for Women

BEST VALUE SCHOOLS STEM Scholarship for Women

women-in-stemDespite the fact that, across the United States, high school girls perform better than boys in math and science (2.76 GPA for girls vs. 2.56 GPA for boys), attracting and retaining girls in the STEM workforce continues to be an uphill battle.

Part of the struggle can be attributed to the long term salary prospects of women compared to men employed in STEM professions. As in many professions, the gender pay gap that exists in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields is significant: women in STEM careers are making 81% of what men earn in the same exact jobs.

Whatever the reason for the lack of female representation in math and science occupations, having women contributing to these all-important jobs is vital. Recognizing that the unique perspectives and life experiences women bring to the STEM field will aid in scientific innovation, improved product design and creative solution development, Best Value Schools seeks to provide at least one (1) $2,000 scholarship, twice per year, to a woman enrolled in a STEM degree program to not only help offset the future gender wage gap they are likely to experience, but to also encourage the development of these crucial technological skills that are necessary in our rapidly changing world.

Financing your higher education can be overwhelming. We at BVS want to make sure you get the best possible value out of your college degree by lowering your out-of-pocket monetary obligation, and therefore boosting the long-term return on your investment.