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The goal of the Powhatan County Public Schools science program is provide an environment that fosters scientific literacy for all students by offering a variety of inquiry-based science courses that are engaging, relevant and rigorous. Powhatan County Public Schools defines scientific literacy as the capacity to use scientific knowledge to identify questions and to draw evidence-based conclusions in order to understand and help make decisions about the natural world and the changes made to it through human activity.
Libbey Kitten, Science/STEM Instructional Specialist
Libbey Kitten
Science/STEM Instructional Specialist
Curriculum Development & Implementation
Assessment Creation & Data Analysis
Technology Integration
Instructional Staff Support

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              Barbara Adcock, STEM Coach                                                                                             Elizabeth Kirk, STEM Coach
              Barbara Adcock                                                           Elizabeth Kirk                                STEM Coach                                                                  STEM Coach
Curriculum Development and Implementation                                                                         Curriculum Development and Implementation
            Instructional Staff Support for                                                                                            Instructional Staff Support for
            Powhatan Elementary School                                                                                               Flat Rock Elementary School
            and Pocahontas Middle School                                                                                           and Pocahontas Elementary School