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Online Learning

Online courses are offered for credit accrual, credit recovery or a general education certificate. These courses are offered through Edgenuity and Virtual Virginia (site linked here) and JSRCC with a PHS teacher and/or school counselor assigned to provide support.   Students will work with school counselors and administration to determine their eligibility for these courses.


(1 credit or ½ credit*)

High School

 Credit Recovery / Transfer Courses

Algebra I


Algebra II



Earth Science

Economics and Personal Finance

English  - 9 -12

Physical Education Grades 9/10

Virginia and U.S. Government

Virginia and U.S. History

World History & Geography to 1500

World History & Geography 1500-Present

 Elective Courses:

AP Human Geography

*Art History I

IDEA Writing - (Instruction to Develop Expository Modeling and Applied Writing)

*Intro to Communication and Speech

*Introduction to Art

Introduction to Marketing

Lifetime Fitness



VA Biology II: Ecology

Virtual virginia

(1 credit or ½ credit)

High School

Designed for credit accrual

 WL5010ON   Arabic 1      (1 Credit)
 EL1171ON  Creative Writing     (1 Credit)
 WL5310ON Latin 1    (1 Credit)
 EL2902ONW  AP Psychology    (1 Credit)
 EL2996ON  Psychology   (1/2 Credit)       
 EL1165ON  World Mythology    (1 Credit)

Students who withdraw from a Virtual Virginia course after 21 calendar days of the start date must pay the WITHDRAWAL FEE of $75 before a schedule change will be made.