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Referral and Identification Process

Referral and Identification Process: 
Who may be referred for gifted services?
Any student in grades K - 12 exhibiting characteristics of giftedness in the areas of general intellectual aptitude, academics or visual arts may be referred for screening.

Who may refer a student for gifted services?
Classroom teachers, parents and members of the community may refer a student for gifted services. The person referring the student is asked to complete a referral form and the necessary behavioral checklists and inventories important in the Identification and Placement Committee's decision-making process.

How are students referred for gifted services? 
Students are referred for screening through the completion of a referral form, which may be obtained through the county gifted coordinator or from the gifted resource teacher at the student's school. The completed forms are returned to the gifted resource teacher at the student's school. The gifted resource teacher is responsible for collecting all referrals and gathering all relevant data to include in the student's profile.

What happens once a student is referred for the gifted program?
If his/her classroom teacher or a community member refers a child for the gifted program, the first step in the assessment process is to obtain parental permission to gather data and proceed with testing.  Next, the Gifted Resource Teacher administers a standardized aptitude assessment, a structured portfolio and student interview, gathers observational data from the classroom teacher any additional information which may assist the Identification and Placement Committee in making their decision.

What is the Identification and Placement Committee? 
The Identification and Placement Committee is comprised of teachers, the building gifted resource teacher, the division gifted coordinator, school psychologist, guidance counselor, the student's classroom teacher(s), and one building administrator. The committee reviews all of the data collected by the gifted resource teacher in order to make a decision regarding eligibility for gifted services.

How is the student found eligible for the gifted program?
The Powhatan County gifted program utilizes a multiple criterion approach to determine eligibility of students for the program.  The eligibility of a student is based on his/her profile.  Students who score in the top five to seven percent on achievement and/or aptitude assessment, demonstrates a majority of gifted characteristics, and produces work that demonstrates ability at least two years in advance of his/her peers make up the population of students for whom the program is designed.