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PMS Gifted Services

Identified gifted students are clustered in Honors and Advanced level classes based on their area(s) of identification with teachers who have been trained to work with gifted students.  The advanced content and pacing of these clustered classes is commiserate with the ability of the identified students, and the teachers differentiate their instruction to further meet the needs of students identified in their content area.  The English and math teachers work with the Gifted Resource teacher using a collaborative model of instructional planning to select activities and resources to add depth and breadth to the curriculum content.

In class activities include:

Future Problem Solving – This intensive international problem solving program is provided to students through their English class on a weekly basis.  Students work collaboratively to research selected global issues and then apply their knowledge and understanding to analyze and solve concerns presented in a futuristic scenario.

The College of William and Mary curriculum units – These units, developed in the Center for Gifted at the College of William and Mary focus on developing reasoning, critical thinking, high level written and oral communication skills. 

Literature Circles – Novels, selected to accompany the William and Mary units or specific cross curricular content are selected at levels commiserate with the reading and comprehension levels of these advanced learners.

Stock Market Game – Students participate in a simulated experience of investing in the stock market.  This team activity allows students to buy and sell stocks in real time through this internet game.  Activities and lessons accompanying the game provide an in-depth understanding of trading and the economy.

Mathematical Investigations – Logic and reasoning activities provide an opportunity to interact with real world problem situations through the use of their math skills.  Opportunities to connect with STEM activities are provided.

Math Problem Solving – Filling the students’ toolbox with effective problem solving strategies in preparation for the high-stakes tests they will encounter as they enter high school is just one goal of these activities.  These math activities provide students with real world application of skills being taught through their advanced curriculum.