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Gifted Advisory Committee

Gifted Advisory Committee

The Gifted Advisory Committee is comprised of parents, teachers, administrators, community representatives and students. The School Board annually appoints committee members. Advisory Committee meetings are held four to five times throughout the year to discuss services and opportunities for the county's gifted students. The committee is responsible for annually reviewing the local plan for the education of gifted students in Powhatan, including any revisions, to determine the extent to which the plan for the previous year was implemented. The comments and recommendations of the advisory committee are submitted in writing to the School Board and the Superintendent.    

Subcommittees of the Gifted Advisory Committee are responsible for meeting the goals of the committee as outlined in Powhatan County's five year gifted plan. One subcommittee is responsible for the distribution, assessment and reporting of survey results. A second committee was charged with compiling a parent handbook of information related to the gifted program. 

The Advisory Committee recognizes the need for parents to acquire a better understanding of the needs and traits of gifted students. The committee supports the distribution of a quarterly newsletter to parents of gifted students, and an annual parent workshop on such topics as motivation, advocacy and study skills for gifted students.

Parents, teacher and community members interested in serving on the advisory committee should submit advisory applications (linked here) to Dr. Tracie Omohundro, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Instruction and Gifted Education for Powhatan County Public Schools. Each fall the School Board approves the committee for the next school year.

For applications and further information contact Patty Haskins, Gifted Coordinator, at 804-598-5782 or email: