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Gifted Education

Division Philosophy for Education of the Gifted

Because giftedness embodies a high level of student performance and achievement, aptitude, interest, and a motivation to learn, gifted students require learning experiences that go well beyond both in breadth and depth what is offered in the normal curricula. Powhatan County Public Schools is committed to providing a qualitatively advanced program of instruction for students who meet the criteria of "gifted" through a multidimensional, differentiated approach involving curriculum. Our aim is to firmly implant in every gifted student the critical skills of problem-solving, elaborative and evaluative thinking, and the desire for excellence balanced with a responsibility to self, others, school, and community.

Patty Haskins, Coordinator for Gifted Education

Patty Haskins

Division Coordinator for Gifted Education
Gifted Resource Teacher for Pocahontas Middle School