What is ELL

What is ELL? 

ELL is English Language Learner. 

It is the educational service provided to students identified as LEP. 

What is LEP? 

LEP is Limited English Proficient. 

An LEP student in the Commonwealth of Virginia is classified according to the 
federal government definition as described in Public Law 107-110, 
the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. 

An LEP student is classified as one: 

(A.) who is aged 3 through 21; 
(B.) who is enrolled or preparing to enroll in an elementary school or 
secondary school; 
(C.) (i.) who was not born in the United States or whose native language is a 
language other than English; and who comes from an environment 
where a language other than English is dominant 
(ii.) (I.) who is a Native American or Alaska Native, or a native resident 
of outlying areas; and 
(II.) who comes from an environment where a language other than 
English has had a significant impact on the individual’s level of 
English language proficiency; 
(iii.) who is migratory, whose native language is a language other than 
English, and who comes from an environment where a language other 
than English is dominant; 
(D.) whose difficulties speaking, reading, writing, or understanding the English 
language may be sufficient to deny the individual – 
(i.) the ability to meet the State’s proficient level of achievement on State 
assessments described in section 1111(b)(3); 
(ii.) the ability to achieve successfully in classrooms where the language of 
instruction is English; or 
(iii.) the opportunity to participate fully in society. 
[P.L. 107-110, Title IX, Part A, Sec. 9101, (25)]