January/February 2014

posted Jun 23, 2014, 6:40 AM by Michelle Martin
Posted by Elaine Lonon - Multiage 1/2 on Monday, May 5th, 2014.


During the month of January, the Kindergarten Team learned about Martin Luther King, Jr., authoring their own dreams for the world.  In February, the kindergartners joined with the rest of the school to discover the many contributions of African Americans in our country.  Students in some classrooms ate peanuts as they learned about George Washington Carver.  Others tried to imitate Louis Armstrong by singing scat.  Barack Obama, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks were also introduced.

First Grade

First Graders started the month of January learning about the Sun and Moon and were able to incorporate map skills as they learned about the Earth's rotations. They gained a better understanding of their position on Earth and the other countries. Some classes also did Chinese New Year's activities to help authenticate their learning experiences as they explored the cultural differences between the United States and China.  All classes enjoyed learning about the Winter Olympic Games being held in Socci, Russia.  February brought a common learning experience with African American studies.  Students learned about different inventors and their contributions.  First graders were given the opportunity to research and present on various famous African Americans such as: Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, George Washington Carver, and Barrack Obama.



Second Grade

Students spent most of  January and February learning about the six famous Americans. Students did individual reports, research, and oral presentations.  Many second grade classes also participated in dressing up as their Famous American.  This was a good activity because the rest of the students at Powhatan Elementary could take place in their learning.  To help celebrate Black History month, Mrs. Stockton's second grade class made some simple inventions to help enhance their learning of African American inventors.  The students also got to do experiments with peanuts to reinforce learning about George Washington Carver.  All students also participated in the school-wide trivia contest, sharing of cookies, and school walking tour to learn about other African Americans who have inspired us.