First Semester 2014-15 Classroom Activities

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Pocahontas Elementary School

Cultural Activities


We recently did a New Year’s Around the World theme that touched various cultural activities and concepts.

Mrs. Rice VPI     Pocahontas Elementary                                Cultural Activities (Jan)

11:00 Math Journals- demonstrate, cut out and glue in journal

Color 4 moons. Trace four

New Year’s Hat- Draw large triangle, draw a pattern

Trace # 4 with red- (Chinese good luck)

Draw 6 purple grapes on 1 page, draw 6 grapes on another. How many do we have all together?(Mexico)

Roll dice- draw that many fireworks (USA)

11:15 Read Aloud

Demonstrate work

Literacy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Math 1, 2, 5

Science 1

History 4, 7

Social 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Mrs. Shepperson-put out table work and materials, rest mats and blankets

10 Black Dots- count forwards to 10. Put up numbers top to bottom 10-1. Echo counting and Happy New Year. Play instruments.

 Chinese New Year- /ch/ sound for Cherish,

Show the Chinese flag and share facts about the Chinese New Year


Speaker from Taiwan

Chinese New Year Parade- Walk with dragon head bands, play instruments, say “Happy New Year!”

Fiesta- Mexico-flag, count in English and Spanish and eat 12 grapes or raisins to bring good luck for each month of the new year

 Africa Dream- show African  flag-Give thanks and wish for rain for the new year. Relay race with filling up water in bowls-reinforce ordinal numbers

Work-Rice Demonstrate complete during centers if needed. complete

Literacy 1,2

History 7

Social 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Shepperson- assist and remind students of steps

Cut out numbers 1-10. Glue top to bottom 10-1 and Happy New Year!

Embellish with glitter

Dragon Head band-  glue head on the left, the tail on the right- stamp green in between for the body

Chinese New Year Lunch, try various ethnic foods, use chopsticks, graph what food you like the most

2015- glue numbers in order-decorate with collage materials

Chock Moung Num Moo-EE’ Vietnam New Year’s Wish. Record wish on red paper, long ways, write vertically, have them draw happy faces









First Grade:

1.  Read "The Colors of Us" & "We Are Alike & We Are Different"  as getting to know you activities.   We tied that together with following school rules and each child made a construction paper doll of themself....using their skin color and hair and eye color in making their doll.  These still hang in our hallway.

2.  Had Meredith Rapp come and do an impersonation of Eleanor Roosevelt and teach about her humanitarian works and fair rights for all.  We also read "A Picture Book About Eleanor Roosevelt.

3.  In December, we made construction paper Army soldiers and made them of different sex and race to send with cards of support for American soldiers to thank them for their service.

4.  Last week we began our study of Martin Luther King Jr.   We read "Let's Read About Martin Luther King Jr."  We will be reading more books about him this week and making a construction paper likeness of him for our bulletin board which will also include our writings about him.


Multi-age 1/2

During December, second grade and multi-age classes traded students to learn about four Holiday Traditions (Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, La Befana, and St. Nicholas Day. After reading a story about the tradition, the students enjoyed performing activities associated with each. 

Multi-age also incorporated math stations which focused on the different holidays of the month. Students were engaged using Smart Board lessons also to learn about the different customs.

In January, students learned about Martin Luther King Jr. using the movie, My Friend Martin.  They read about him in books and in their Scholastic News. 

In February, we hope to connect with fifth grade students, as we have done in the past, to read about African-Americans or books written by African-Americans.  This book buddy session has been enjoyable and informative by both sets of students.

Each student will also be given an African-American to research and will complete a one-page report on their individual.  They will present their facts in class.


Second Grade

During November and December, students completed Native American projects.  This ranged from posters to reports to dioramas.  They were displayed in our hallways and in the Media Center.

We will be learning about Famous Americans in our next Social Studies Unit. We will be focusing on George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Helen Keller, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jackie Robinson. Each child can select one and he/she will be asked to dress up as a Famous American on Friday, January 30th.  Each child will  share four important facts to the class about their chosen Famous American.



Third Grade

Third graders were busy in the months of November and December creating projects on Ancient Greece/Ancient Rome. 


Third Grade/STEM


Reviewed different customs and traditions that students observed over the holidays

We have discussed and identified cultural differences in terms of the "mixing bowl" of America when we studied government and communities

We have compared ancient civilizations/cultures of Greece Mali Rome and the United States

We partnered with Longwood Cultural Arts center to study and make African art and stories in addition to visiting the Longwood Cultural Arts center to see their African Art exhibit

We will be discussing and researching Famous African Americans in addition to other historical figures during the month of February

Fourth Grade/STEM

We are doing some writing about dreams related to MLK Jr. this week. We also will study the culture of the West, which includes Native American study and study of Alaska and Hawaii. 

We read various books in our reading groups that touch on cultural differences.  We've discussed the Underground Railroad with Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther big book and used in writing their dreams for our world. We've read some Spanish books and even one for Christmas and the Spanish culture celebrates the holiday with pinatas  and tacos, enchiladas, and rice & beans.


3rd grade - mud clothes of Mali and African masks.  Students created a mud cloth pattern inspired by the patterns of original mud clothes from Mali.  The students' designs included five symbols that help tell the story of their life.  The mask was designed by combining at least five parts of living creatures.   


4th- Brazilian maracas & mythical creatures.  Students sculpt a maracas into the shape of a mythical creature if their own creation using recyclable products, then paper mâché and paint them.  





Physical Education

*National zoo and rode by major monuments, white house, pentagon, etc

*Richmond Ballet Nutcracker

Martial Arts World

roller skating

4-H has come and spoke with 3rd and 4th grade about nutrition