October 2014

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Here are the items from Kindergarten.

Ms. Eames James’s classed discussed differences why they studied  Me, Myself and I.  Mrs. Garner’s students drew self-portraits and discussed how we all look a little bit different but we have many similarities.  Mrs. Marshall’s class read We are all Alike We are All different and discussed differences.  Kindergarten classes also read The Crayon Box that Talked and discussed how people are just like the crayons.  They discussed how people of different colors need to work together to create a beautiful picture.


First Grade

 First grade students completed an "All about Me Unit."  They discussed differences in people's lives at home and physical differences.  They  also discussed where their families came from.  In Ms. Blandford’s class  students who were adopted from other countries (Africa and China)  shared their background while presenting a "Me Bag".  The bag contained things that tell about their favorite interests.

During their unit on animals they discussed where animals where from and found these places on the globe.

            During calendar math they count in Spanish.


Second grade

Second grade students have been working on SOL2.12 The students will recognize that the United States is a land of people who have diverse ethnic origins, customs, and traditions, make contributions to their communities, and are united as Americans by common principles. They have had class discussions on how are people of different ethnic origins and customs united as Americans. They have described how Americans want freedom and justice for all. They have said the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the Star Spangled Banner. (Role-played) We help others in a time of crisis. We, as a people of the United States, are different - different colors, sizes, shapes, feelings, thoughts, customs, celebrations, traditions, holidays etc… We focused on respect for others’ differences, as well as similarities…cultural differences. Read Aloud - Our Flag was shared and discussed.

Students discussed their own backgrounds as a class with the school population. In addition, we discussed differences in our school, community, in the United States, and around the World. Questioning Strategies - Do other people around the world look like us? Do they share some of our customs and traditions? People in China, Egypt, etc… a precursor to our study of Ancient China and Ancient Egypt - Geography was introduced and various regions were mentioned and located. (Integrated Map Skills)

A Communities Video was viewed and discussed. Think/Pair/Share - How are people in the community the same and different? How can we be good citizens? Respect the rights and property of others including differences in cultures.

Students created paper plate faces, self-portraits, flags, community murals, and skits modeling Good Citizen Traits, were just a few of the activities generated by second grade classes. Theme - Acceptance of others.

Third grade


Third graders brainstormed their background knowledge of their own community before learning about people and places around the world.

Fourth grade

Fourth grade students learned about comparing and contrasting when they read “Kai’s Journey to Gold Mountain.”  They read about Asian immigrants in the 1930s.  Mrs.  McArtan’s class watched a video about Angel Island which included an interview with man who was detained at Angel Island.  The video also included footage of the buildings and even the poetry carved into the wall.  Mrs. Greens class did a lesson comparing and contrasting Angel Island and Ellis Island.



Music - Hector Berlioz Composer of the Month, Listening to French Song


Song: "Jambo Sana" - East African greeting song

Drums/Percussion: Drumming Traditions of African, East Asia, South/North America

Ukuleles: Origins of Portuguese Guitarra and Hawaiian Folk Music


Art – Second grade, Germany/German Artists


Computer-using the Pebble Go website to share information about Schools Around the World with 1st grade. 

- Latin/salsa music (Hispanic Cultural Awareness Month - October) playing during "typing time" for 2nd-4th grade.

-Towards the end of November 4th grade students will be using technology to make Holiday Cards for the troops. Individuals will be able to choose if they want             their card to celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas.

Library-Ancient China (The Empty Pot)/Chinese books offered in the library

-Native Americans- (stories and activities tying in with Thanksgiving- Jamestown/First Thanksgiving Website)

-Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome (Stations and research)