Family and Consumer Sciences / Education

FC8219 (1 credit)

Junior High
  • Introduces nine areas of personal living: personal growth and development, home and family management, health and wellness, food and nutrition (cooking), interior design and housing, consumer awareness and personal finance, clothing management, child development, and career exploration. 
  • Incorporates hands-on experiences. 
  • Contains labs in food preparation, garment construction and hands-on projects.

FC8227 (1 credit)

High School
  • Develop an appreciation of the responsibilities they will face in the future and the skills to survive on their own. 
  • Exploration of such areas as personal development, attitudes, dating, values, personal finance and money management, workplace readiness and job seeking skills. 
  • Instruction includes lectures, discussions, audiovisual presentations, guest speakers and hands-on projects.

FC9091 (1/2 credit)

High School 

FCCLA membership fee
  •  Develop individual / group leadership skills. 
  • Explore leadership principles, parliamentary law, communication, public relations skills, and techniques for organizing/conducting group meetings and activities. 
  • Guest speakers, power point presentations, lecture, video, community activism and group projects. 
  • Project-based activities through state and national FCCLA.


FC8233 (1/2 credit)

High School

FCCLA and FEA are required

  • Focus on the principles of child growth and development: development of self- concepts and building self-esteem; appreciation of diversity; learning experiences for children; principles of guiding children in a positive manner; healthy and safe environments; career development through hands-on exploration, projects and group learning. 
  • Multiple opportunities to observe and work with children. Activities through student organizations.

FC8285 (2 credits)

High School
FCCLA membership fee

  • Designed to provide occupational and professional training for students interested in child care or careers in Early Childhood Education. Half of coursework is online through My Big Campus. 
  • Develop an understanding of children’s behavior and child development. Students develop and teach creative lesson plans as well as explore current trends in education. 
  • Internship in a local elementary school classroom is required. 
  • Activities through student organizations FCCLA and FEA are required. 
  • Earn a three year paraprofessional certification in Early Childhood Education. 
  • 280 hours total (140 hours online through My Big Campus).

FC8286 (2 credits)

High School
FCCLA membership fee

  • Emphasis on occupational skills needed for working in the child care/early childhood education field. 
  • Internship with children at a local elementary school. 
  • Extensive preparation and implementation of creative activities for young children. 
  • Activities through student organizations FCCLA and FEA are required. 
  • Earn a 3-year paraprofessional certification in Early Childhood Education through 
  • 280 hours total (140 hours online through My Big Campus).