Culinary Arts

CA8250 (1 credit)

High School, 9th and 10th grades

Lab fee
  • Introduction to the knowledge and skills needed for employment in the food services industry. A variety of work experiences assists students in identifying their interests and abilities and defining their career objectives. 
  • Develop desirable personal qualities and job skills for employment. 
  • Textbooks, tests, and food preparation labs are an integral part of this program. 

CA8275 (1 credit) or DE8275 (1 credit)

High School, 10th - 11th grades

Dual Enrollment credit available

Lab fee
  • Fundamental food preparation and service skills are taught for entry level employment. 
  • Textbooks, tests and quantity food preparation techniques are an integral part of this occupational program. 
  • Operate a restaurant during their lunch period for part of the year. 
  • Students should select this course expecting to take two years of the program. 

DE8279 (1 credit)

High School

Dual Enrollment only

Lab fee
  • Obtain advanced instruction in food preparation methods, skills, and techniques, as well as nutrition, and menu planning and costing. 
  • Improve job skills through restaurant operation for part of the school year. 
  • AAFACS Pre-Pac Test is given at the end of this course. Industry Certification and verified credit is available to students passing both the course and the test 
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