Writing Released Tests or Test Item Sets Spring 2015

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Released Test or Test Item Set

Online Version of the Released Test or Test Item Set
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Answer Sheet
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Grade 8Grade 8 Writing Released Spring 2015 (test item set)Grade 8 Released Spring 2015Writing Answer Sheet for Released Tests 2103
End-of-CourseEOC Writing Released Spring 2015End of Course Released Spring 2015

Writing Practice Items

Clicking on a link for the Practice Items will launch the items in the browser window.

Grade/CoursePractice ItemsPractice Items - Audio VersionPractice Item Guides (PDF)
Grade 5Gr. 5 Writing Practice ItemsGr. 5 Writing Practice Items - AudioGr. 5 Guide
Grade 8Gr. 8 Writing Practice ItemsGr. 8 Practice Items - AudioGr. 8 Guide
End of CourseEnd of Course Practice ItemsEnd of Course Practice Items - AudioEnd of Course Guide


Writing Practice Tools: Respond to a practice prompt within the online writing interface. 
Clicking on a link for a Writing Practice Tool will launch the tool in a browser window.
Grade 5Gr. 5 Practice ToolWriting Practice Tool Guide
Grade 8Gr. 8 Practice Tool
End of CourseEnd of Course Practice Tool
Sample Excerpts in Reading and Writing Stand-Alone Items  (PDF):  Shows how an excerpt or excerpts in a stand-alone item may be presented in online and paper/pencil tests.  The length of the excerpt(s) in each box will vary, and some excerpts may be several paragraphs.  Students are to read the boxed excerpt(s) and answer the item.
View a  presentation  (PPT) that explains the administration of the audio version of the short paper component of the online English SOL Writing test.  After opening the file, click on the "Slide Show" tab and then click on the icon to start the slide show from the beginning.

Writing Prompts Practice