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Released Tests and Practice Sets

These practice items provide examples of the new content and increased rigor represented by the revised Standards of Learning (SOL) and illustrate the new Technology-Enhanced Item types for the mathematics, reading, science, and writing SOL tests.  Technology-Enhanced Items (TEI) require students to indicate their responses in ways other than a multiple-choice format.

Please note that the practice items are not intended to be a complete test and are not intended to cover all content for the grade level or course.  Furthermore, while the practice items provide examples of some TEI, they are not intended to represent all types of functionality associated with these item types.

As communicated via Superintendent's Memo No. 274-14, the following spring 2014 versions of the Standards of Learning (SOL) tests will be released in spring 2015:


·         Grade 3 Reading

·         Grade 4 Reading

·         Grade 5 Reading

·         Grade 6 Reading

·         Grade 7 Reading

·         End-of-Course Reading

·         End-of-Course Writing (multiple-choice/technology-enhanced item (MC/TEI) component)


SOL test item sets that represent portions of the spring 2014 SOL tests will be released for the following tests:


·         Algebra I

·         Algebra II

·         Geometry

·         Grade 5 Science

·         Grade 8 Science

·         Earth Science

·         Biology

·         Chemistry

·         Grade 8 Reading

·         Grade 8 Writing (from the MC/TEI component)


The SOL tests and test item sets listed above in bold are currently available on the Virginia Department of Education Web site at: