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Alternative Education Programs

Alternative Education Staff:

Joe Deely 
Instructor Bridge Program, Project Return and PMS Alternative Education

Phyllis Eppes 
Bridge Program, GED, ISAEP, Credit Recovery and Economics and Personal Finance

Sharon Faubert 
Division Attendance Officer

Tim Martin 
Alternative Education School Counselor 

The Alternative Education Program is designed to meet the needs of the "At-Risk" student.  Historically, these students have not been very successful in a regular academic setting.  The goal of the program is to improve self-esteem, study skills, academic skills and to motivate them to pursue a viable future.  Students may be referred by guidance, administration, teachers, parents or even themselves; however, they must meet certain guidelines and must be approved by the Alternative Education Committee.  In addition, the student and parent must sign a contract agreeing to abide by the rules of the program.

Students entering the program are enrolled in one or more of the courses below:

  • GED (General Equivalency Diploma) (Day Class) Students work with an instructor to evaluate and build skills in the areas of Math, English, Science and Social Studies. If pre-requisites are met, students are placed in the program by the Alternative Education Committee. (Pre-requisites are students must be 17 years old or older and must meet the required benchmark of the pre-test.)
  • ISAEP (Individualized Student Alternative Education Plan) This component is designed for students 16 -17 who are ready to take the GED test. These students have met the required benchmark of the pre-test, but lack other crucial elements such as career counseling, occupational training or job monitoring. Specific assessment procedures are required in order for students to complete the ISAEP program.
  • Bridge Students-9th grade students who are over aged will be provided extra structure and support as they begin high school.   Economics and Personal Finance, English 9 and Algebra I will be taught. Support will be provided by a school counselor specifically assigned to work with Bridge students.
  • Alternative Education at Pocahontas Middle School - Course will be an elective course for students identified as at-risk based on grades, discipline, attendance, and age.  Components will include test taking skills, study skills, organizational skills, character education, career education, and assistance with core subjects.
  • Credit Recovery at Powhatan High School- Students will utilize on-line program (Edgenuity) to complete required coursework for graduation.
  • Project Return- For students who have been long term suspended grades 6-12. Students are required to meet academic, attendance and behavioral goals before being considered for a return to school.  The course will meet every day for 2 hours a day. Transportation is provided by the parent.