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2016-17 Code of Student Conduct

posted Aug 15, 2016, 7:19 AM by Michele Wilson
The School Board approved the 2016-17 Code of Student Conduct at their August 9th meeting.  Below are the revisions that were made to the Code of Student Conduct:
  • Several definitions were added:  Bystander, Chronic Absenteeism, Harassment, Home-bound Instruction, School Attendance Plan, and Attendance/Truancy Conference
  • elimination of language outlining make-up work during suspension 
  • revised language outlining dispositions for chronic misbehavior
  • several attendance revisions including: elimination of automatic failure for the nine weeks of high school credit course when student has more than four absences during any quarter grading period and does not make up the time; deletion of the requirement that elementary students must be present at least 50% of the school day to be considered present; establishment of a support chain for students who are chronically absent; and revisions to the Student/Absences/Excuses/Dismissals regulation.  (Attached below) 
  • prohibition of spaghetti straps changed from grade five to grade six and above
  • revisions in the dispositions of students with electronic devices for grades 6-12
  • language added to address bystander behavior and dispositions
  • language added on academic sanctions and extra-curricular sanctions added to dispositions under the section Integrity
  • updated to reflect new administration staff, titles, and phone numbers
  • updated to reflect the new grade alignments (K-5) - Elementary; (6-8) - Middle School; and (9-12)- High School