• What will cleaning look like? We have purchased additional cleaning supplies including hydrostatic sprayers that disinfect large areas quickly. Custodial staff will focus on regular cleaning of common areas and high touch surfaces such as door handles, stair rails, restrooms, etc. Since students K-8 will largely remain in one class throughout the day, teachers and students will be provided with cleaning supplies to regularly clean and disinfect their classroom. This will be a shared responsibility.
  • How safe is the air in the building? What type of filtration system is used? At PMS we cannot open windows to bring in fresh outdoor air. Our facilities staff has reviewed the HVAC systems at each site to ensure that the systems are safe and meet the needs of the current situation. At PMS each room has its own filtration system.
  • How will lunch & recess be addressed? If students are unable to gather in large spaces, they will eat lunch in classrooms. Administration will work on options for coverage for teachers during this time as needed. We are monitoring how this is working in summer school to assist with planning for the fall.
  • Will Visitors be allowed? Visitors will be allowed in front office areas on a limited basis but will be restricted in other portions of the building. Visitors will be subject to temperature checks and health screening questions.


  • Could a Parent Support Boot camp be offered to assist with technology at home? Yes, we will be scheduling virtual sessions that will be available for parents to participate in during back to school week. Face to face options will be available as needed.
  • Are Chromebooks going to be provided for all students? Yes, all students working virtual will have access to a Chromebook. Families will also be able to use personal technology at home.
  • What is the Learning Management System that could be used for all students in a Virtual Learning Environment? Schoology will be the learning management system that will be used k-12. This tool has been used for several years at the secondary level. Elementary teachers will be trained in the coming weeks.
  • Based on conversations, we heard you are using a new learning program for virtual learning. What is the plan to get all teachers trained on this? Has this already begun? Gloucester county is implementing the program, Canvas, and teachers started training on July 6th. Kenbridge is another county that teachers are already doing online training. We have used Schoology in secondary grades for years with some exposure at the elementary level. Our plan is to roll that out to elementary teachers moving forward as our Learning Management System K-12. It is very similar to Canvas.


  • Will transportation be provided? Yes, regular transportation routes will be provided.