COVID-19 Case Dashboard

Powhatan County Public Schools’ COVID-19 dashboard is designed to keep our families, staff, and community informed about health concerns and related decisions connected to our schools.

We will publish the most up-to-date information on confirmed COVID-19 cases each Friday by 5 p.m. on this page. Additionally, each school will continue to notify their school community about all positive cases affecting their building within 24 hours of a report of a confirmed positive test result.

🚩 Due to privacy concerns, we are prohibited from identifying specific individuals or disclosing medical information about our staff or students.

🔎When there is a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, PCPS immediately contacts the Chesterfield Health Department. The PCPS Health Team works with the Health Department to conduct contact tracing and identify any other employees and/or students who may have been exposed. Affected individuals must quarantine from the time of their last exposure to the person who tested positive for COVID-19. Affected students, in accordance with official health guidance, transition to remote learning during this time to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Additionally, our custodial staff is deployed to conduct enhanced cleaning to sanitize the affected area(s).

🌡️We continue to ask that our families complete a daily health screening each morning by checking their student’s temperature and looking for any other signs of illness. Children and employees showing any signs of illness are required to stay home until they are symptom-free.

😷 In accordance with our Health Plan, facial coverings are also required in all locations governed by federal mandates.

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VDH/CDC COVID-19 K-12 School Metrics