Powhatan County Public Schools has a long tradition of supporting STEM initiatives and coursework, as we believe these skills are an essential component in preparing today’s students for college and/or career. Additionally, we believe a problem-based, STEM-rich curriculum makes for a highly engaging and challenging learning environment. In the spring of 2015, a STEM Steering Committee convened to develop a comprehensive K-12 STEM Plan, with the goal of ensuring that all students are continually exposed to developing technologies, coding, and engineering design projects that are both age-appropriate and thoughtfully aligned to the Virginia Standards of Learning. Each of our elementary and middle schools have well-equipped STEM labs.  Our STEM coaches collaborate with classroom teachers to develop high-quality lessons.  Powhatan High School offers a wide variety of STEM coursework and extra-curricular activities in science, computer science, engineering, and mathematics.

STEM Staff

Libbey Kitten

Science/STEM Instructional Specialist

Curriculum Development & Implementation

Assessment Creation & Data Analysis

Technology Integration

Instructional Staff Support for science in all schools

Barbara Adcock & Lisa Brown

STEM Coaches

Curriculum Development & Implementation

Instructional Staff Support for Pocahontas, Powhatan & Flat Rock Elementary Schools


Donia Spott

STEM Coach

Curriculum Development & Implementation

Instructional Staff Support for Powhatan Middle School