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Legionella Bacteria Precautions

Powhatan County Public Schools currently has one building with cooling towers as the source of air conditioning for Powhatan Elementary School. PCPS entered into an Energy Performance Contract with TRANE in the spring of 2019. As part of this contract, TRANE installed a brand new cooling tower system for Powhatan Elementary School. PCPS HVAC Staff also works on a schedule to ensure the system is running as efficiently as possible. Some of those actions include Yearly cleaning of all baffles within the system to remove any and all buildup. Chemical treatments each quarter to limit scale build-up within the towers. PCPS is installing constant flow pumps to allow the water within the system to be chemically treated to ensure contamination does not occur. Given the age of the cooling towers and the proactive actions of the staff, PCPS has no concerns about the presence of the legionella bacteria within the system. PCPS will continue to work with ChemTreat to ensure our systems are running effectively and efficiently.




   Robert Benway 

Mr. Robert Benway

Director of Facilities



  Loretta Nays-Bradley

Loretta Nays-Bradley

Receptionist & Facilities Secretary


  Troy Meinhard

Troy Meinhard

Supervisor of Maintenance

  Bruce Jarrell

Bruce Jarrell

HVAC Supervisor

  Fred Long

Fred Long

Electrical Supervisor

Support Staff