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The Blocksi student safety program is currently in use at Powhatan Middle School and will be piloted at Powhatan High school beginning in February. We hope to have this product in place division-wide as we begin the 2023-24 school year.

Blocksi provides our core web filtering as well as additional features such as classroom management, and a parent portal which allows parents to directly monitor their child’s internet activity. For more information about the product, please access their website here:

If you are a parent of a middle school student, or you would like to help us pilot the parent portal at PHS next month,  please go to In the upper right corner, select to sign in as Parent or Guardian. You can create an account here, which we will activate on the back end. Once you receive the confirmation email from Blocksi that your account is created, you may sign in to view your child’s web activity.

Here is a video which explains the entire process.

Student Internet Safety Panel Discussion on 1.19.23

Technology Staff

 Jeff Durrett

Jeff Durrett

Director of Administrative Technology

Samantha Martin

Samantha Martin

Coordinator of Innovative Learning

Dorothy Tribble 

Dorothy Tribble

Database Analyst / Student Information System Administrator
804-598-5700 Ext. 111

Dixie Renger

Dixie Tilghman

Database Analyst / 
K12Portal Administrator / SchoolDude Administrator
804-598-5700 Ext. 139 







Wayne Hagy

Network Technician


 Trevor Pruitt

Trevor Pruitt

Network Technician
804-598-5710 Ext. 239