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About Us

Powhatan County Public Schools operates a fleet of 81 buses and 40 vehicles with approximately 75 contract drivers, six assistants, and six substitute drivers. Our first pick up is approximately 6:30 in the morning and our last drop off is approximately 4:50 in the afternoon. With an average of 40 students per bus, we transport about 4,000 students daily. We provide bus service to general education and special needs students as well as extra-curricular school activities. We operate 24 High School routes, 39 Middle School routes, 49 Elementary routes, and 12 Special Needs routes. Forty-nine of our routes are double runs - with a secondary (middle/high) and then an elementary school run made by the same bus.
Our staff members include a director, an assistant director, an administrative assistant, two driver dispatchers, and a parts coordinator. All are dedicated to the safety of our children. In addition to contract and substitute drivers, we have five fleet maintenance employees who service and maintain our fleet in tip-top condition. Our technicians are ASE certified and receive ongoing staff development on proper procedures dealing with school bus maintenance.

Our office is located at 3975 Old Buckingham Road. Our staff is ready to respond to your questions and provide you with quality customer service.

Office Hours: 6:00 am - 5:30 pm Monday - Friday

Transportation Department Phone Numbers: 804-598-5706 or 804-598-5709

Our Staff


 Andy West, Director of Transportation  

Raymond West

Director of Transportation
Extension #106


Joshua Bartlett

Fleet Manager
Extension #107

  Beth Nanny, Administrative Assistant for Transportation  

Beth Nanny

Administrative Assistant
Extension #105

 Reneau Samuel, Transportation Secretary 

Reneau Samuel

Transportation Specialist
Extension #100

J. C. Baumbach 

Joseph (JC) Baumbach

Extension #102

Lisa Parker, Transportation Dispatcher    

Lisa Parker

Extension #103

 Support Staff