Substitute Information

The Substitute Application will not be considered for approval until the online application is finished.  Once you have submitted your online application you will receive an email within 7-10 working days with a link to the Substitute Checklist.  To finalize your checklist, please submit the required forms and bring your two money orders to Central Office.

If you have any questions concerning your checklist, please contact Karen Bradbury or Terry Stokes at (804) 598-5700.

Substitute Teaching Information
Substitutes are hired to maintain the integrity of the instructional program in the absence of the teacher, on a daily or long-term basis.  All applicants must have a high school diploma and must be at least 18 years of age.  Preference is given to applicants with teaching experience and in working with children.

  • The applicant and the school board will share the cost of the background check.
  • Pay transmittals are issued on the last workday of each month.  Substitute pay will be calculated each month according to the monthly payroll cut-off dates and payment will be issued at the end of the following month.  Pay transmittal can be accessed through Employee Self Service. 
  • An Online Substitute Training Class is required before a substitute is allowed in the classroom.
  • Long-term substitutes for teachers must hold a bachelor’s degree and should be eligible for teacher licensure in the state of Virginia.

Substitute Teacher Training Information

Powhatan County Public Schools requires substitute teachers to complete online professional development from ED TRAINING CENTER to support your development at work.

You MUST contact Terry Stokes at 598-5700 ext. 121 to get the password to sign on to the training center at no cost.

Automated Substitute Placement and Attendance System
Once approved, all new substitutes need to contact Terry Stokes or Karen Bradbury at 598-5700 to get their LOG-IN and PIN # for Aesop.

Substitute Daily Rates of Pay

  • Substitute Teacher
    • Degreed:  $80/day
    • Non-Degreed:  $70/day
    • Long-Term:  $190/day*
  • Substitute Instructional Assistant
    • Degreed:  $63/day
    • Non-Degreed:  $63/day
    • Long Term:  $85/day*
  • Substitute Secretary/Receptionist
    • Degreed:  $67/day
    • Non-Degreed: $67/day
    • Long Term:  $97/day*

Long Term Assignments
An assignment is not considered long-term if it is for 15 consecutive days or less; however, if the assignment is later determined to be long-term or exceeds 15 consecutive days for the same teacher, instructional assistant, or secretary/receptionist, then the long-term rate of pay will apply and be retroactive to the first day of the specific assignment.
Site Substitutes

Site Substitutes are a vital component to the daily success at Powhatan County Public Schools.  A Site Substitute becomes part of the school’s staff and provides support that is important to the daily operation of that school.

The Site Substitutes are expected to be at their school every day (5 days a week). They should be flexible in order to provide the support needed by filling an absence assigned by the automated system or special assignment designated by the principal. This is a substitute position that is assigned to an absence by the automated system Absent Management (Aesop) each day.   On days that there are no assignments for the Site Substitute, they still report to the school and will work where the principal has a need in the building for the day.  Also, if not assigned, a Site Substitute could be asked to provide support to another school that has an unfilled absence.    

When a Site Substitute has a day(s) that they cannot be at work they need to notify a building administrator.  In addition to notifying an administrator, they need to show the day(s) in Absent Management (Aesop) as a non-work day.