Course Guide: Advance College Academy (ACA)-Reynolds CC/PHS

The ACA provides students the opportunity to earn an associate’s degree in social sciences from Reynolds Community College (RCC) while also earning an advanced studies high school diploma. All 8th-grade students are eligible to apply for acceptance into the ACA. Students who are selected will take honors and AP level courses during the 9th and 10th grades and dual enrollment college courses during the 11th and 12th grades, earning 60 college credits at a minimal cost to their parents. The college credits are transferable to many colleges and universities in the state of Virginia.

Advance College Academy (ACA) - Reynolds Community College / PHS

Grade 9 Grade 10 Summer Session Grade 11 Grade 12
Honors English 9* Honors English 10* Student
Development 100
English 111
and English 112
English 244
and English 242
Honors Biology Honors Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, or Biology 2: Anatomy Honors Health 115* AP or Honors Chemistry, AP Physics, or AP Environmental Science Biology 101 and
Biology 102
Honors Geometry Honors Algebra 2   Math 167 Math 263
AP Human Geography* AP World History*   History 121 and
History 122
Political Science 135 and
Political Science 136
World Language World Language   World Language Spanish 101 and Spanish 102**
Health & Physical Education Health & Physical Education   Art History 101 and Art History 102 Approved Reynolds Elective/ITE115**
High School Elective High School Elective and Economics and Personal Finance   High School Elective High School Elective

*ACA cohort classes              BOLD - College Classes              **Test out options available                                                                                                                                  

Note: College classes may be changed according to the availability of teaching staff.

  • See ACA Handbook for further program information.
  • Economics and Personal Finance is required for high school graduation. Students are encouraged to take this course prior to the end of 10th grade.
  • Students who pass the college’s computer competency test will not have to enroll in ITE115.
  • The Approved Reynolds Elective can be taken online during any semester (summer, fall, or spring) in the junior or senior year. Students may use a passing score (3 or above) on AP Human Geography or AP World History to fulfill this requirement.
  • See ACA Handbook for further program information.