Course Guide: Health & Medical Sciences

Introduction to Health & Medical Sciences

HO8302 (1 credit)
High School

  • Develop the basic skills required in all health and medical science professions.
  • Exploration of basic anatomy and physiology for each body system, communication skills, medical terminology, and career exploration.
  • Emphasis on safety, cleanliness, asepsis, professionalism, accountability, and efficiency within the health care environment.

Medical Terminology

HO8383 (1 credit)
High School, 10th – 12th grades

  • Designed to help students learn the health care language.
  • Exploration of body system’s anatomy and physiology through pathology, diagnostic procedures, therapeutic interventions, and finally pharmacology.

Prerequisite: Intro to Health and Medical Sciences

Sports Medicine/Athletic Training 1

HO8316 (1 credit)
High School, 11th – 12th grades

  • Introduction to sports medicine and related therapy professions.
  • Learn the anatomy and physiology of the human skeletal and muscular systems and relate that knowledge to the treatment and conditioning of athletes.
  • Laboratory practice of techniques used to strengthen, support, enhance, and rehabilitate the athlete.

Sports Medicine/Athletic Training 2

HO8317 (1 credit)
High School

  • Learn basic concepts and skill set required for an entry-level position as a sports medicine assistant.
  • Topics include injury prevention, nutrition, first aid/CPR/AED, exercise physiology, and biomechanics.
  • Study basic human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, legal and ethical issues in sports medicine, and career preparation.
  • Skills provided to pursue certification in areas such as first aid, CPR, AED, and/or personal trainer.

Health Assistant/Nurse Aide

HO8331 (2 credits)
High School, 12th grade

  • This class is a state-accredited nurse aide course and meets all course requirements necessary for students to receive their CNA certificate.
  • Provides scientific basis for patient care in the clinical area.
  • Includes clinical experience in local hospitals, nursing homes, and various outpatient facilities. Eligible to sit for the state board certification exam for nurse aides.

Prerequisite: Intro to Health and Medical Sciences
Teacher recommendation