Course Guide: Engineering

Engineering Explorations I

EG8450 (1 credit), 9th-12th grade

  • Examine technology and engineering fundamentals in relation to solving real-world problems.
  • Examine engineering specialty fields and their related careers.
  • Practice engineering fundamentals with project-based activities, using mathematical and scientific concepts and complete the engineering challenges.
  • Apply the engineering design process through participation in hands-on engineering projects.
  • Communicate project-related information through team-based presentations, proposals, and technical reports.

Prerequisite or Co-requisite: Geometry

Engineering Studies

EG8491 (1 Credit)

  • Designed for students who intend to pursue engineering studies in college.
  • Emphasizes the integration of mathematics, science, and English concepts and skills into engineering problems in a curriculum demanding rigorous study habits.
  • Encourages inquisitiveness through brainstorming and prototyping.
  • Practice engineering skills and communication of technical information while applying the engineering design process to complete engineering projects.
  • Incorporates national engineering competitions.

Prerequisite: Engineering Explorations 1