Course Guide: Fine & Performing Arts

Art 1

AR9120 (1 credit)
Middle and High School
Lab fee

  • Introduction to the Basic Fundamentals of Art Production and Appreciation.
  • Create good design using Principles and Elements of Art and Basic Design.
  • Development of drawing and painting skills, as well as the creation of 3D designs.
  • Appreciation of Art.

Teacher recommendation by Art 7 Teacher or Portfolio Submission (Middle School Only)

Art 2

AR9130 (1 credit)
Lab fee

  • Use of the Principles of Design and the Elements of Art with a variety of media.
  • Creation of media involving drawing, watercolor, acrylic paint, clay, and wire.
  • Study of art history.

Art 3 (2D / 3D Design)

AR9140 (1 credit)
Lab fee

  • Develop skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, collage, and digital applications.
  • Emphasis on visual problem solving and exploration of how artists use images to document and comment on history and visual culture.
  • Design 3D media to include additive, subtractive, and assemblage sculpture.
  • Create artwork in the areas of ceramics, jewelry, glasswork, and textiles.
  • Broaden visual art and descriptive vocabularies as it pertains to 3D design.

Art 4

AR9145 (1 credit)
Lab fee

  • Focus on visual problem-solving through the creation of art based on large concepts.
  • Creation of using varied media to include drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, sculpture, and digital art.
  • Exploration of individual artist’s methods for creating artwork and demonstrate an understanding of their own artwork.

Art 4 Honors

AR9145W (1 credit)
Lab fee

  • Research for understanding and application in visual arts creation.
  • Development of high-quality artwork which exhibits higher levels of critical thinking and technical skills.
  • Review art exhibitions and submit work for exhibition and competition.

Teacher recommendation

AP Art Studio - 2D

AR9148W (1 credit)
AP Exam and lab fee

  • Develop portfolios for evaluation at the end of the school year.
  • Designed for students interested in completing the AP Drawing Portfolio or the AP 2-D Design Portfolio
  • Emphasize the production of a volume of quality pieces of artwork.

Teacher recommendation

AP Drawing Studio Art

AR9150W (1 credit)
AP Exam and lab fee

  • In-depth study of conceptual and technical drawing issues including line quality, light and shade, rendering of form, composition, surface manipulation, the illusion of depth and mark-making through a variety of means, such as painting, printmaking or mixed media.
  • The course will adhere to the College Board requirements for AP Drawing Studio Art. Students will submit a portfolio of 24 works to the College Board.

Teacher Recommendation

AP 3D Design Studio Art

AR9149W (1 credit)
AP Exam and lab fee

  • Demonstrate mastery through any three-dimensional approach, such as figurative or nonfigurative sculpture, architectural models, metalwork, ceramics, glasswork, installation, assemblage, and 3-D fabric/fiber arts.
  • Develop technical skills and familiarize yourself with the functions of visual elements as you create an individual portfolio of work for evaluation at the end of the course.
  • The course will adhere to the College Board requirements for 3D Design Studio Art. For the final exam, students will submit a portfolio of 24 works to the College Board.

Teacher Recommendation

Ceramics 1

AR9175 (1 credit)
Lab Fee

  • Techniques emphasized: hand-building, wheel throwing, glazing, and firing.
  • Explore the role of ceramics in art history and various cultures.
  • Understand the aesthetics and criticism relating to ceramics.

Ceramics 2

AR9176 (1 credit)
Lab Fee

  • Explore additional ceramic techniques.
  • Expose to studio experiences and practice, art history & cultural connections, art vocabulary, aesthetics and the process of art criticism through analysis, interpretation, and judgment.
  • Self-directed planning and research.
  • Emphasis on skill refinement, material exploration, conceptual realization, self-expression, and quality craftsmanship.

Ceramics 3

AR9177 (1 credit)
Lab Fee

  • Build Ceramics Portfolio in preparation for Studio Study.
  • Continue to build on skills developed in Ceramics 1 and 2.
  • Move into Sculpture and Combination Work.

Senior Art

AR9197 (1 credit)
Lab fee

  • Study of Principles, Elements of Design.
  • Create artwork using collage, drawing, painting, and clay.
  • Explore elements of digital design.
  • For students with no Art class experience.

Photography 1

AR9190 (1 credit)
Lab fee, digital camera

  • Exploration of origins of photography, photograms, pinhole cameras, and photographic composition.
  • Using and manipulating 35mm SLR Film and Digital cameras.
  • Using photography to create fine art.
  • Processing and Printing film and digital photographs.

Photography 2

AR9191 (1 credit)
Lab fee, digital camera

  • Research for the understanding and application of photographic art creation.
  • Development of high-quality photographic Art to exhibit higher-level critical thinking skills.
  • Submission of photographic work for exhibition and competition.

Teacher recommendation

Photography 3

AR9192 - (1 credit)

  • Designed for students who have successfully completed Photography 1 and 2.
  • Focus on investigating current and emerging trends in photography, digital image manipulations, and personal portfolio development in preparation for AP Studio Art, and college portfolio applications.

Teacher Recommendation

Independent Topics in Portfolio Development

AR9147 (1 credit)
Lab fee

  • Designed for the advanced Art student who exhibits a high aptitude for Art and plans to seek a career in the visual arts.
  • Utilize the knowledge gained in the introductory, intermediate, and advanced art courses to create a portfolio of art based on a chosen theme.
  • Develop a contract with the teacher outlining their course of study.
  • Work independently.
  • Develop a quality portfolio suitable for college entrance requirements.

Teacher recommendation

Adaptive Art

AR9130A (1 credit)

  • Pairs regular education students with students with disabilities to complete an introductory art program in one-to-one and small group settings.
  • Complete various projects with their peer buddy throughout the year as well as lead and instruct lessons adapted for the class.

Prerequisite: 10th–12th Teacher recommendation; Art 1 or Ceramics 1