Course Guide: Archived School Board Approved Courses

20th Century American History & Foreign Policy
EL2387 (1 credit)
High School

  • Examine the American entry and contribution in WWI; post-ware settlement; various social, economic, and political trends of the 1920s; Great Depression, New Deal; American foreign policy in the inter-war era; and the American role in World War Two, and its effects on American society and culture.
  • Explore the origins of and American responses to the Cold War, the rise of various reform movements in the 1950s-60s, the New Frontier and Great Society programs, the Vietnam War, and the rise of the New Right.

Advanced PE: Fitness & Conditioning
HP7640 (1 credit)
High School

  • Develop and implement a personal fitness and conditioning program for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Focus on developing/improving aerobic capacity and muscular strength and endurance via running and/or lifting weights.

AP Art History
AR9151W (1 credit)

  • Examine major forms of artistic expression from the ancient world to the present and from a variety of cultures.
  • Review and analyze works of art within their historical context, and to articulate what they see or experience in a meaningful way. Learn how and why works of art communicate visual meaning.
  • Do not have to have an art background.

Teacher recommendation

AP German
WL5270W (1 credit)
AP exam fee

  • Follow the guidelines for the National AP German Course
  • Explore additional topics of study to enhance language learning and culture.

Teacher recommendation

Architectural Drawing/Design/CAD
TE8437 (1 credit)
High School

  • Learn the principles of architecture and related drafting practices and techniques.
  • Draw plot, foundation, and house plans.
  • Develop and draw electrical, heating and air conditioning, and plumbing plans.

Automotive Servicing 1
(3 high school weighted credits)
(13 college credits)
Grades 11-12, Placement Test+ passing Alg 1 SOL score

Students working to attain industry certification may be required to attend a summer school class. Options available may include:

  • AUT111 Automotive Engines 1
  • AUT112 Automotive Engines 2
  • AUT265 Automotive Braking Systems
  • AUT266 Auto Alignment, Suspension, and Steering

Automotive Servicing 2 
(3 high school weighted credits)
(14 college credits)
Grade 12, Automotive Servicing 1

A continuation of Automotive Servicing 1. Options available may include:

  • AUT241 Automotive Electricity 1
  • AUT242 Automotive Electricity 2
  • AUT178 Auto Final Drive & Manual Transmissions
  • AUT236 Auto Climate Control

Beauty Salon Assistant
CO8546 (1 credit) - 10th and 11th grade

  • Prepare for work as an assistant in a hair salon.
  • Study and prepare in a clinical lab setting, learning practical and manipulative skills.
  • Emphasize safety and sanitation, shampooing and conditioning, retailing, inventory control, and receptionist work.
  • Competency completions allow students a certificate for entry-level employment with additional certifications available in College and work Readiness Assessment (CWRA+); Customer Service Examination; National Career Readiness Assessment; and workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth Examination.

Beginning String Orchestra
MU9237 (1 credit)

  • Need previous instrumental or choral music experience
  • Perform Grade 1, 2 literature.
  • Purchase accessories necessary for participation.

Bridge English 10, 11, and 12
EN1140BR, EN1150BR, EN1160BR (1 credit)

  • Part of the alternative education program.
  • Designed for students who are struggling or have failed an English course.

Teacher recommendation

Business CO-OP
BT6621 (1 credit) - 11th or 12th grades

  • Develop career skills through on the job training.
  • Secure a salary-earning job.
  • Work a minimum of 12 hours per week utilizing personal transportation.

Career, Community and Family Connections - Child Watch
FC8282 (1 credit)

  • Focuses on balancing the multiple demands of career, family, and personal life.
  • Teaches problem-solving, conflict management, goal setting, stress management, and resource management in work and family.
  • Incorporates interpersonal skills, needed to build strong relationships in the family and workplace.
  • Participate in the morning child watch program by working with elementary school students and their families.

Chamber Ensemble
MU9292 (1 credit)

  • Select acapella group.
  • Review fundamentals of music, improve vocal quality and sight-singing ability.
  • Participate in musical activities and performances.

Culinary Arts 2/Culinary Arts Specialization
Two-year program
(2 high school credits, 7 college credits)

  • Students work to attain industry certification in Service Safety.
    • HRI106 Principales of Culinary Arts I (year 1 / 3 college credits)
    • HRI115 Food Service Managers Sanitation Certification (year 1 / 1 college credit)
    • HRI219 Stock, soup, and Sauce Preparation (year 2 / 3 college credits)

DE Principles of Culinary Arts
DE8279W (1 credit)
High School
Dual Enrollment only
Lab fee

  • Obtain advanced instruction in food preparation methods, skills, and techniques, as well as nutrition, and menu planning and costing.
  • Improve job skills through restaurant operation for part of the school year.
  • AAFACS Pre-Pac Test is given at the end of this course. Industry Certification and verified credit is available to students passing both the course and the test.

Teacher Recommendation
Prerequisite: Culinary Arts 1

Digital Business Solutions
EL6161 - Middle school

  • Strengthen ability to utilize input devices and industry-standard software and practices to create desktop publications, presentations, and websites.
  • Use Google Sites to create an ePortfolio of their works and organize their small business development unit.
  • Develop leadership skills through the student of the FBLA organization and participate in the PMS FBLA chapter.

Digital Visualization
BT8459 (1 credit)

  • Students gain experiences related to computer modeling by using graphics and design concepts.
  • Create a variety of 3-D Objects and animations that reflect real-world applications and are introduced to 3D modeling software, 3D printing and Virtual Reality.
  • Produce a portfolio showcasing examples of original student work.

Early Childhood Education 1
FC8285 (2 credits)
FCCLA and Educators Rising membership fee

  • Designed to provide occupational and professional training for students interested in child care or careers in Early Childhood Education.
  • Develop an understanding of children’s behavior and child development. Students develop and teach creative lesson plans as well as explore current trends in education.
  • Internship in a local elementary school classroom is required.
  • Activities through student organizations FCCLA and FEA are required.
  • Earn a 3-year pre-professional certification in Early Childhood Education through AAFCS.
  • 280 hours total (140 hours online).

Early Childhood Education 2
FC8286 (2 credits)
FCCLA and Educators Rising fee

  • Emphasis on occupational skills needed for working in the child care/early childhood education field.
  • Internship with children at a local elementary school.
  • Extensive preparation and implementation of creative activities for young children.
  • Activities through student organizations FCCLA and FEA are required.
  • Earn a 3-year pre-professional certification in Early Childhood Education through AAFCS.
  • 280 hours total (140 hours online).

Emerging Leaders Honors
EL9826W (1 credit)

  • Study, analyze, and develop 21st century leadership skills.
  • Form competitive teams and participate in the year-long Future Problem Solvers program.
  • Collaborate to identify, organize, and implement a community service project following the guidelines of Community Problem Solving International.

Teacher recommendation

Engineering Drawing/Design/CAD
TE8436 (1 credit)
High School

  • Learn the graphic language used by engineers, manufacturers, and technicians.
  • Interpret industrial prints to use handbooks with resource materials, and to adhere to standards for drafting.
  • Apply drafting principles to typical engineering drawing and design problems.

BT90093 (1 credit)

  • This course introduces students to the exciting world of creating, owning, and launching their own business.
  • Learn concepts and techniques for planning an innovative business and living the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Environmental Science
SC4300 (1 credit)

  • Identify and investigate problems scientifically.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of science and scientific reasoning and logic.
  • Investigate and understand the fundamentals of matter and its interactions.
  • Investigate and understand that the Earth is one interconnected system to include the hierarchy and the flow of energy within an ecosystem.
  • Investigate and understand Earth’s resources. and the human impact on our environment.

Forestry Management
AG8042 (1 credit)

  • Instruction in the management of the forest as a resource and as a business.
  • Develop knowledge in areas like tree physiology, forest ecology, silviculture, and the management and marketing of forest products.
  • Strong emphasis is placed on developing career skills for the forestry industry.

Foundations of Algebra
MA2003EL (1 elective credit)
High School

  • Provide development of topics covered in Algebra 1.
  • apply algebraic concepts and processes to the real world.
  • Use graphic calculators and computer software.

Gateway to Technology 8 (Project Lead The Way)
EL8476 Full Year

  • Acquire a foundation through Design and Modeling.
  • Discover the design process and develop an understanding of the influence of creativity and innovation.
  • Discover an understanding to solve medical mysteries and learn how the systems of the human body work together.
  • Work with software applications to design and fabricate 3-D replicas.
  • Explore architecture, energy in the environment, and green architecture.

German 1, German 2, German 3, German 4 Honors
WL5240W (1 credit)

  • Demonstrate novice-high / intermediate-low proficiency in all communication skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).
  • Participate in instruction and activities completely in German.
  • Manipulate and create in the language with increased proficiency in manipulating the language in a culturally appropriate manner.

Teacher recommendation

Global Marketing and Trade
BT8135 (1 credit)

  • Gain an understanding of the various careers in global trade, finance, distribution, and marketing and consider fundamental concepts, principles, and theories of marketing in a global marketplace.
  • Blends economic theory with international culture, politics, legal issues, concepts, practices, and applications.

History of Sport
EL2996 (1/2 credit)
High School

  • Examines the impact of sport starting in colonial times and extending into the present.
  • Evaluates the cultural and social ramifications of sport during these times.
  • Study the impact of ethnicity, gender, and race in relation to political and economic interests.
  • Introduces career options in sports marketing, coaching, and sports management.

History of Warfare
EL2996 (1 credit)

  • Study the impact of conflict on human development throughout history. Students will analyze how conflict has influenced our world.
  • We will look at the establishment of national identities, the role of historic leaders, military impact on scientific development, societal and economic changes resulting from warfare. Additionally, students will become familiar with historic attempts used to avoid conflict, the development of battlefield tactics, and the use of strategy.
  • Students will study conflicts ranging from minor tribal conflict to global war and use this knowledge to analyze modern political environments.

Horticulture 3: Floriculture
AG8038 (1 credit) - 11th or 12th grade

  • Emphasis on management and individualized projects in plant production.
  • Learn the basics of the horticulture plant production industry, including the science of plant production, as well as marketing and business management.
  • Plant material identification and floral design round out this course to prepare the student for an entry-level position in the floriculture industry.

Independent Living
FC8219 (1 credit)
Middle School

  • Uses hands-on experience to introduce nine areas of personal living: personal growth and development, home and family management, health and wellness, food and nutrition (cooking), interior design and housing, consumer awareness and personal finance, clothing management, child development, and career exploration.
  • Includes labs in food preparation, garment construction, and projects.

Integrated Science 2 - 7 Advanced
SC4125A (available through 2019-2020)
SOL test

  • Integrates components of 6th-grade curriculum with the Physical Science 8 course to allow for acceleration.
  • Pace and homework are more intense than Life Science.
  • Incorporate key Life Science concepts in preparation for the SOL test

Teacher recommendation

Introduction to Early Childhood Education
FC8233 (1/2 credit)
FCCLA and Educators Rising fee

  • Focus on the principles of child growth and development: development of self-concepts and building self-esteem; appreciation of diversity; learning experiences for children; principles of guiding children in a positive manner; healthy and safe environments; career development through hands-on exploration, projects, and group learning.
  • Multiple opportunities to observe and work with children. Activities through student organizations.

Introduction to Marketing
BT8110 (1 credit) - 9th - 10th grades

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of marketing in today's society.
  • Develop skills related to interpersonal communication, self-presentation, economics, marketing, sales, employability, career discovery, and ethical decision-making.

Launch: A Design Thinking Capstone
EL4999  (1 credit)
11th or 12th grade

  • Explore and research an area of interest or passion.
  • Design a better product, process, or solution to a real-world problem.
  • Independent study course merging the school environment with real-life experiences.
  • Present to local community or government organizations for feedback and revision.

Teacher recommendation / Application

Leadership Development
FCCLA membership fee

  • Develop individual/group leadership skills.
  • Explore leadership principles, parliamentary law, communication, public relations skills, and techniques for organizing/conducting group meetings and activities.
  • Guest speakers, PowerPoint presentations, lectures, videos, community activism, and group projects.
  • Project-based activities through state and national FCCLA.

BT8120 (1 credit) - 10th - 12th grades

  • Opportunity to become familiar with marketing and its relation to the free enterprise system.
  • Topic areas include communication skills, economics, human relations, promoting/selling products and services, economic issues, and the impact of technology. Use communication technology daily.

Photography 2
AR9191 (1 credit)
Lab fee, 35mm camera, and digital camera, film, paper

  • Design work emphasizing photography as an art form; mastery of the 35mm film and digital capture techniques, darkroom and digital processes
  • Exploration in mastering light/exposure, digital imaging, portfolio development, and black and white darkroom technique.

EL1215 (1 credit)

  • Work cooperatively with the adviser to produce the school yearbook.
  • Assume responsibility for all aspects of production, fundraising, cover design, page creation, photography, interviews, and distribution.
  • Utilize Adobe InDesign software.

Power Systems
AG8018 (1 credit)

  • Focus on increasing the depth of study in power and technical systems. Areas of these systems to be addressed are engines, powertrains, hydraulics, electrical, and fuels.
  • Instruction will also be provided in precision measurement, leadership, and career skills.
  • This is an introductory class that leads to specialization in small-engine, welding, carpentry, or electricity.

EL2500 (1/2 credit)

  • Provides the background and framework to better understand their roles in society and the effects of various groups' actions and interactions on society.
  • Incorporates concepts learned in other disciplines of social studies such as responsibilities; rights; cause and effect; choices and their impact; the importance of communication, organizations, relationships, and the major American cultural institutions.

Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Marketing
BT8175 (1 credit)

  • Develop a thorough understanding of marketing concepts and theories as they relate to the sports, entertainment, and recreation industries.
  • Investigate the components of branding, sponsorships and endorsements, as well as promotion plans needed for sports, entertainment and recreation events.

Teachers for Tomorrow 1 Dual Enrollment
DE9062W - Grades 10-12
(1 weighted credit, college credit)
Tuition and Book Fee; FCCLA fee

  • Virginia’s initiative for recruiting high school students into the teaching profession.
  • Examine the history of education and the functions of schools and school divisions as they are taught about the profession. Explore how students learn.
  • Experience the classroom environment; become acquainted with teachers and teaching on a personal and professional level, including an internship in a local classroom setting.
  • Provide students with opportunities to satisfy beginner teacher assessment
  • Earn a 3 -yr. pre-professional certification in Education Fundamentals through AAFCS.
  • Leadership opportunities available through co-curricular student organization Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).

Technical Drawing and Design
TE8435 (1 credit)
High School

  • Learn the basic language of technical design, while they design, sketch, and make technical drawings, illustrations, models, or prototypes of real design problems.
  • Develop spatial ability as they apply mathematical concepts to visual representations.

Video and Media Technology
TE8497 (1 credit) - 10th - 12th grades

  • Production, from planning and writing for production to operating studio and editing equipment.
  • Utilize various methods of gathering news and information from individuals, research, and online resources.
  • Introduction to analog and digital principles of film production.