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Child Find

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Powhatan County Public School complies with the federal requirement to identify, locate and evaluate children who are birth to age 21, inclusive, who are in need of special education related services.

Children Between the Ages of Birth and Five (Preschool)

Powhatan County Public Schools participates in the Goochland/Powhatan Community Services Board which oversees the requirements found in Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. If you suspect that your child between the ages of birth and 2 may have a disability or you are concerned that your child is not meeting his/her developmental milestones, please contact the Infant & Toddler Connection of the Goochland-Powhatan Community Services Board at (804) 556-5400.

If your preschool child is between the ages of 2 and 5, please call the Office of Special Services at (804)598-5700, ext. 115 to schedule a free developmental screening. A teacher will screen your child's speech-language skills, motor skills, social development and knowledge of readiness concepts. A hearing screening will also be conducted free of charge.

The developmental screening takes approximately one hour and is designed to be an enjoyable, educational experience for your child. Depending on the outcome of the screening, further testing will be recommended to determine whether preschool special education services are needed.

School-Age Children

If you suspect that your school-age child (kindergarten through 12th grade) has a disability that requires special education services, please contact the principal or special education designee of the Powhatan County Public school your child attends or would attend in the case of a child who is attending a private school. You may also contact the Office of Special Education at (804) 598-5700, ext. 115 and you will be directed to the appropriate school employee.

For more information about the Child Find process, please contact the Office of Special Education at (804) 598-5700 or the Parent/Teacher Resource Center (PTRC) at (804) 598-3034. The PTRC is available to Powhatan County families, teachers, and others concerned with the care and education of children with learning differences and disabilities.

The PTRC provides newsletters to inform families of current issues in special education and available resources, a lending library of books, newsletters, videos, and other training materials, support through listening and problem solving with families, and workshops for parents and educators on special education and parenting topics.