Become a Lunch Buddy

How Do I Become a Lunch Buddy Mentor? 

Step 1:                                                                Step 2:

Link to apply to be school volunteer to                   Contact Eric Mills to obtain a Lunch Buddy application

Apply to become a Powhatan                           Fill out a Lunch Buddy

County Public Schools Volunteer!                     Mentor Application!

-If approved, this allows you to                              - If approved, this allows you to

 volunteer at a variety of school events!                  volunteer to mentor a student!               

-There is a $10.00 fee for the Child Protective Services form. 

-The school system will pay for any other fees in the application.                 


Step 3: Contact the Mentor Program Coordinator at (804) 598-5717 ext. 3501 or

            Eric Mills for a brief interview to discuss

           your background and interests in mentoring.


Step 4: Attend mentor training:  3 hours to learn and discuss mentoring relationship building. This will

           be facilitated by your Mentor Program Coordinator.


Step 5: Meet with the Mentor Program Coordinator at your assigned school to be matched with a

           student mentee!


Step 6: Start getting to know your new lunch buddy!