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Steps for Registering Homeschooled Students for Part-Time Enrollment

Homeschooled students in good standing may register for up to two courses. Students are subject to all course requirements, including participation in end-of-year assessments. If enrolling in face-to-face classes, students are subject to all school rules and procedures as listed in the Code of Student Conduct. Students must meet any prerequisite requirements in order to enroll in selected courses.

Face-to-Face registration - Must complete by July 31st. Schedules will be confirmed by August 30th. Registration is dependent on availability of space in the requested courses, so please make your request as soon as possible.


Contact Person

Person Responsible


Evidence of Completion

Concurrent Step 1

Students are registered as Homeschool students in good standing

Katie Wojcicki


Notice of Intent List of Courses Evidence of Achievement (previous school year)

Homeschool Approval Letter

Concurrent Step 1

Students are registered as part-time students at grade - appropriate school

Judy Ringgold 598-5789 (PHS)

Tracy Hobson 598-5720 (PMS)


All required documentation for registration

Enrollment requirements can be found here.

Student schedule

Step 2 – If seeking to enroll in online courses

Students are registered for courses using the Edgenuity link found on the PCPS Homeschooling Page

Lisa Simonick


Course request email sent to L. Simonick (Note: Students must complete

course “A” prior to being approved for course “B”.)

Student is able to access the course online