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AP Testing for Homeschool Students

If you wish, your homeschool student(s) can register to take Advanced Placement (AP) Tests through the Powhatan County Public Schools. The tests are not mandatory. The College Board offers AP Tests once a year in May. Many universities offer college credits for a score of 3, 4, or 5 (on a scale of 1 through 5). The 3-hour test is rigorous and designed to be comparable to a final exam in a college course.

Most students prepare for an AP test by taking an AP course specifically designed for that purpose. Powhatan County Public Schools offers a limited number of AP courses: U.S. History, Government, European History, World History, English Literature for 12th grade, English Language for 11th grade, Computer Science, Statistics, Calculus, Chemistry, Spanish and Environmental Science.

AP courses are available on-line with the Department of Education and through other sources.

To register your student to take an AP Test with Powhatan County Public Schools, you must notify Ms. Marie Crump, Testing Coordinator for Powhatan High School before March first, at 598- 5710 or email Marie Crump. There are costs associated with the AP Test. The date and time of the AP Test for your student will depend on the specific test for which the student registers.

Reduced fees are available for students who qualify

Please notify us if you intend to pursue this option. Powhatan County Public Schools does not offer financial assistance for AP Testing.