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Enrollment Requirements

The following is a list of enrollment requirements that must be met in order for a student to be enrolled in Powhatan County Schools

1. Proof of Residency - Must have 2 - one item of A or B AND One item of C or D.

A. Lease Agreement or
B. Deed to a home in Powhatan County


C. Virginia Power/Southside Electric Bill or
D. Telephone bill or
E. If you are living with someone in Powhatan County you must have a letter notarized stating that you and your child/children are living with them. That person must provide proof of residency in Powhatan County (lease or deed and an electric or phone bill). You, as the parent/guardian of the student being enrolled, must bring in a bill with your name and current Powhatan address on the bill within 60 days.

2. Immunization records, including Hepatitis B

3. Original Birth Certificate (natural parent must present a picture ID as well)

4. Copy of most recent Report Card and SOL test scores (if coming from a VA school).

5. Copy of I.E.P. or 504 Plan if student has one from previous school.

6. Copy of Current Legal Custodial Documentation if applicable.

7. A physical examination is required for any child entering public school in Virginia for the first time in grades K-6.

The vision and hearing of all transfer students will be screened.