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Medical, dental, prescription, and vision care plans are available on a voluntary participatory level for all eligible employees.  The cost of health insurance is shared by Powhatan County Public Schools and the employee.  The group health insurance program is called The Local Choice and was developed and is managed by The Commonwealth of Virginia.  Anthem is the medical provider, the mental health provider inclusive of our EAP program the prescription drug provider and the vision provider in those plans where vision is offered.  Delta dental is the dental provider in the Key Advantage Plans offered and Anthem is the Dental Provide for the High Deductible Health Plan. 


All full-time employees are members of the Virginia Retirement System.  There are three main provisions in the retirement program.  The first is regular service retirement, the second is disability retirement and the last is basic group life insurance.  The majority of the costs associated with your retirement benefits are paid by Powhatan County Public Schools with the exception of the 5 percent employee contribution on an annual basis.

For more information on VRS Plan 1, VRS Plan 2, or the Hybrid Retirement Plan please review the Plan Comparison Guide.

VRS Plan Comparison

New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options

403(B) PLAN 

All employees are eligible to participate in 403(b) Plan immediately upon their hire date.  


All full-time employees are provided with Group Life Insurance through Minnesota Life at no cost to the employee.  The coverage is equal to 2 times the employee’s earnings rounded up to the next thousand and is coordinated by the Virginia Retirement System.


Eligible employees earn sick leave.  The amount of leave is contingent upon various factors such as the number of months worked during the contract year and the classification of employment.  Substitute employees do not earn sick leave.


Employees eligible to earn sick leave entering the Powhatan County Public School System from another public school system in the Commonwealth of Virginia may transfer their accumulated sick leave from that school system to Powhatan within 3 years of their date of hire with the amount of transferable days being capped at 200.


Eligible employees may use up to six (6) days of accumulated sick leave for quarantine or illness in the immediate family. This leave is applicable only in each separate case of illness. The use of additional leave as determined by the superintendent may be granted. The “immediate family” of an employee shall be regarded to include spouse, children, step-children, parents, step-parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, siblings, grandchildren, grandparents, parents-in-law, sisters, brothers-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law and any other relative, no matter how distant, living in the household of the employee.


Leave eligible employees may use up to a total of five (5) days of bereavement leave during the course of the year when death(s) occurs in the immediate family.  Immediate family is defined above in the Leave for Family Illness benefit.


Employees who attend workshops, conferences and/or meetings for the benefit of Powhatan Public Schools shall be granted professional leave for time spent traveling to, attending and returning from the workshop, conference or meeting.  Permission for professional leave must be obtained in advance.


Eligible full time and permanent part time employees earn Personal Leave on an annual basis, credited at the beginning of the contractual year.  The amount of Personal Leave available is predicated upon the position and type of employment.  Twelve (12) month employees earn Annual Leave the amount thereof being dependent upon the employees experience and/or length of employment.


Employees may be eligible to receive benefits in accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.  These benefits include up to twelve (12) work weeks of unpaid job protected leave or sixty (60) work days during the course of the year during which time Powhatan County Public Schools continues to pay the employers share of health insurance costs.  The employee is responsible for their share.  In accordance with the Family and Medical Leave/Act Powhatan County Public Schools elects the option to have paid leave (sick/personal/annual) run concurrent with the FMLA.

The required forms are to be completed and returned as soon as the new baby, illness, or injury, commences.  Contact Terry Stokes for directions and questions at 804-598-5700 ext. 121. 

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Leave eligible employees who are employed less than 245 days per year and who do not earn annual leave may be permitted to use up to two days of Liberal Sick Leave for reasons not related to items covered by the sick leave policy.  To be eligible for Liberal Sick Leave the employee must have sick leave available and have exhausted all available personal leave.  The request for Liberal Sick Leave must be in writing and is subject to the same requirements involved with requests made for personal leave.


Leave eligible employees who are called for jury duty will be granted special leave with pay.  Employees who have been subpoenaed as witnesses may be granted special leave with pay based upon individual extenuating circumstances as determined by the superintendent.


Employees will be granted military leave according to the Code of Virginia 44-93.  Employees will be required to produce military orders.


  • New PCPS teachers and experienced teachers with zero years of teaching in Virginia: A probationary term of service of five years in Powhatan County School Division is required before a teacher is issued a continuing contract. 
  • New PCPS teachers with experience in Virginia: Once a continuing contract status has been attained in a school division in this state, another probationary period need not be served unless such probationary period, not to exceed two years, is made a part of the contract of employment.
  • The teacher’s Performance Evaluation will be considered prior to the issuance of the first continuing contract in PCPS. 

Employees of Powhatan County Public Schools may use the Virginia Credit Union through payroll deduction.


Powhatan County Public Schools has a Cafeteria Plan which allows employees to have certain deductions taken out of their salary on a pretax basis.  This has the positive effect of reducing taxable income which in turn increases net pay.


Powhatan County Public Schools have a number of approved vendors that provide additional insurance products to employees such as Long Term Care, Personal Cancer Indemnity Insurance plans, Personal Accident Insurance, Short Term Disability Insurance, Auto Insurance and other types of coverage.  Many of these programs/products are also eligible for payroll deduction on a pretax basis.  A number of these vendors also offer additional financial management tools to the employee such as annuities and 403B programs that are also eligible for payroll deduction on a pretax and tax deferred basis.  Participation in these programs is voluntary and at the employee’s expense.


All employees who suffer from a compensable injury in accordance with the Virginia Workers Compensation Act will have all authorized medical expenses covered in accordance with the Act.  The employee will also be eligible for temporary total disability benefits as well if applicable in accordance with the Act.  Should you suffer an injury on the job regardless of how small the employee should notify an administrator immediately.



Terri Allison or Terry Stokes



(804) 598-5700