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School Health Services Overview

School Health Services Personnel 
In order to best serve the students and staff of Powhatan County Public Schools, a clinic is based in each of the county's schools. Registered Nurses supervise the health services delivered to students and staff with the assistance of clinic aides or licensed practical nurses. 

Students and staff present to the school clinics with a variety of illnesses and injuries. School nurses assist in the management of students with chronic disease processes. All clinic assistants are certified in CPR and trained in basic first aid and medication administration. Immunization compliance is monitored by the school nurses with the assistance of school guidance and front office secretaries. School nurses present classroom health presentations on various health topics throughout the year. 

During the school year, Virginia state mandated health screenings are performed at designated grade levels. Virginia state mandated health screenings include hearing and vision screening testing for K, 3rd, 7th, and 10th graders within 60 administrative working days of the opening day of school. All new students have vision and hearing screenings performed upon admission to school and within 60 administrative working days of entry to the division. Parents/guardians are notified of any deficiencies per protocol. In lieu of Scoliosis screening, and as is permissible by Virginia state law, parents/guardians of 5 through 10 have online access to an educational fact sheet on Scoliosis-(hard copies are available in the school clinics). In addition to scheduled screenings, parents/guardians may contact the school nurses to request a hearing or vision screening any time they have a concern about their child.

Pursuant to HB 1406, an educational fact sheet on Eating Disorders is available to parents/guardians online and in hard copy form in the clinics targeting grades 6 through 12. 

School Health Services encourages parents/guardians to contact their child's school nurse to discuss any student health care concerns. An Individualized Health Care Plan can be developed for the student diagnosed with a chronic health condition that impacts the educational experience. An Emergency Health Care Plan is also developed should the student's chronic health condition ever warrant an emergency response. Parents/Guardians play a major role in the development of their child's health and emergency plan and should not hesitate to contact the school nurse to discuss the care of their child.