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Finance Department

Larry Johns

Larry Johns
 Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Business Operations
Oversees the Transportation and Food Services Department
Financial Management & Account Procedures
Manages Division Budget Preparation and Control
Financial Reporting and Compliance
Oversees Division Insurance Programs

Pat Denoon Supervisor
Mrs. Susan Barden

Mrs. Michelle Hockaday

 Pat DeNoon Susan Barden  Michelle Hockaday
 Supervisor of School Board Accounts Responsible for:
Processes accounts payable 
Prepares & controls purchase orders 
Maintains vendor relationships 
Processes payroll/ taxes/ benefits 
Maintains encumbrances file
 Payroll Supervisor Responsible for:
Maintains general ledger 
Maintains revenue/ expenditures 
Processes payroll & related taxes 
Processes benefits payments 
Counsels employees regarding retirement benefits
 Finance Account Specialist Responsible for: 
Processes Purchase Orders
Processes Staff Attendance
Works with School Bookkeepers, Secretaries & Vendors


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