Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


PCPS prepares students to thrive in a global community.


Empowering Today to Innovate Tomorrow.

Accreditation & Scores

School accreditation ratings reflect student achievement on SOL tests and other approved assessments in English, history/social science, mathematics, and science. Ratings are based on the achievement of students on tests taken during the previous academic year or on a three-year average of achievement.

Virginia Department of Education: School Quality Profiles for Divisions & Individual Schools linked here.

(This Virginia Department of Education site houses comprehensive information on Accreditation and Standards of Quality. )

Strategic Plan

The full content of 2018 PCPS Strategic Plan linked here

Strategic Planning Process

In October 2017, PCPS formed a Strategic Planning Steering Committee of 39 staff and community members to create Mission, Vision, and Core Values. From this foundation, the staff created goals to meet the Mission and Vision. In February 2018, the School Board reviewed a draft of the Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Goals. Staff workgroups developed Key Performance Objectives (KPOs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In August 2018, the school board approved the Strategic Plan for 2018-2023.

Strategic Plan Goals

Goal 1: Personalized Learning - Create pathways for each student to achieve academic excellence.

Goal 2: Leveraging Talent - Attract and retain high-quality staff across the division to drive personalized teaching and learning.

Goal 3: Investing in Community - Engage the community to facilitate meaningful learning experiences.

Goal 4: Culture and Well-Being - Foster a safe and positive learning environment to promote the emotional development of our students.


District & School Report Cards

The Commonwealth of Virginia is committed to providing a quality education for all students. The Virginia School Report Card provides transparent information about the performance of Virginia’s schools. School accreditation and federal accountability ratings for a specific school year are based on student achievement on tests taken during the previous academic year.

Please visit the Virginia Department of Education website linked here to view the latest Division & School Report Cards available for Powhatan County Schools.